How to order GehntorBike

Monitoring Trip and Get your purpose place by Application

  • Electric Bike with side car
  • Open GehntorBike. Choose Your Destination Trip Monitoring
  • (It’s the BBikeicon right on your GehntorBikehome screen.)

 2.Select type of your Monitoring System by us or our trust people

  • You can type the push icon manually, or select the sensor item from our list

  3. Type your destination location just in time from your maps.

  • Double check your monitoring item, add details in the notes if needed. If you’re inour website, you can choose from which item/specific monitoringitem you want to be monitored.
  • Confirm your pick up place.
  • If fou have specific place, such gate or narrow road, Please type you meeting point near your area
  • Review your order, choose a payment method, and click ‘ORDER’
  • Now Pay it with Gehntor Pay , Credit Card or Cash with cross check again your destination trip.
  • Gehntor is on the way your exactly place.
  • Be nice and comfort wait along Gehntor ride to your place.